Talent Profiler

CVD Base is a generic name for different packages containing a global Applicant Tracking System as well as a CV Distiller

The Applicant Tracking System can be provided by various software publishers we work closely with.

KOLTECH also offers a range of software components that can be used for the management of applications.

Available functions include :

  • Management of Incoming Applications :
    • automatically incorporating various application sources (mail, website, FTP...)
    • dealing with classical paper applications
    • forwarding applications to specific recruiters according to positions or profiles
    • automatically integrating applications to a database
    • ...
  • Management of applicant pool :
    • normalizing the database (education, work experience, skills...)
    • searching for applicants using various fields
    • classifying applications according to the applicants' profiles
    • storing all the details of the communication with the applicant
    • ...
  • Optimizing the recruitment process :
    • automatic analysis of incoming applications
    • automating recruitment actions : automatic responses / managing dialog with applicants
    • prequalification : automatic sorting of incoming applications upon your own criteria
    • ...

As CV Distiller matches with the majority of available solutions, we will recommend the best package according to your demands.


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